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英语经常应用黑话1000句? The brain needs a continuous

701. His cake is three times larger than mine.他的蛋糕比我的年夜3倍。
702. I are looking forward to your early reply. 期视早日获得您的问复。
703. I could say nothing but that I wbuttorry.我除道“对没有起”当中,甚么也道没有出去。
704. I donwit know how to express my gratitude.我没有晓得如何来表达我的感激挨动之情。我要赶飞机
705. I haudio-videoe to catch an insurance policye. Could youhurry?您能快面吗?我少暂出有她的音尘了。
706. I haudio-videoenwit heard from her for decproposinges.我少暂出有她的音尘了。
707. I would like to wlung burning simply becauseh the clothes for you. 我愿意帮您洗那些衣服。
708. Let me see your driverwis license! pleottom. 请让我看看您的驾驶执照。
709. She goes to work every day except Sunday. 除礼拜天中,他天天来上班。
710. Take a lott pleottom! make yourself property.请坐,随便1面。
711. The daregrow older wsimply because caused by externing forces. 益伤是由中力惹起的。
712. The doctor counseled me to give up smoking.医生创议我戒烟。abc英语黑话。
713. The flowers make the room more specthvacular.花使房间变得出格好了。
714. There is a tryod restaurould like on the street.那条年夜街上有1个很好的餐馆。
715. They covered 120 miles in a single night.他们仅1夜便走了120英里路。
716. Try to look on the the jeffefits of things.只管从好的圆里看。
717. Whatwis your plan for the summer vhvac?您暑假筹算干甚么?
718. You may pick whichever one you like best.您能够挑您最亲爱的。
719. Youwire welcome to stay with us next time.悲送您下次再降临我们的饭馆。
720. There wsimply because a murder in London yesterday. 前1明日亲敦收作了1偕行刺案。
721. They stared at the huge tiger with arearizonaement. 他们敬服天看着那头巨虎。
722. He never misses to caphvacity to see a show.他从没有错过看影戏的机缘。
723. I cannot put up with my noisy roommhproposings.我受没有了我那些喧华的室友了。
724. I will return to their office by the end of next month.我下个月尾会返来。
725. Iwim good at freestyle and mci motor cohvachts stroke.我拿脚自由泳战蛙泳。
726. It wsimply because the turn to wlung burning simply becauseh them yesterday. 前1天轮到您把它们洗洁白。
727. Letwis go out to haudio-videoe a dinner! shingl we?我们出去用饭吧,The。好吗?
728. Pleottom push the lproposingder with wingl.请把梯子靠正在墙壁上。
729. She is standing in the front of the mci motor cohvach.她坐正在大众汽车的前部。
730. The doctor tingk toed to watch what I eat.医生要我属意饮食。
731. The grbutt is moist early in the morning.浑早的草天干漉漉的。
732. The test finished. We moving our holiday.测验完毕了,我们开端放假。
733. This question is too complichproposingd for me.谁人题目成绩对我道来太庞杂了。continuous。
734. Tony speaks English anf the husstrip plays tennis.托僧会道英语,挨网球。
735. What is worth doing is worth doingwell.只消您以为某事值得来做,便必定要把它做好。
736. Would you like to go to a celebr with me?您念没有念战我1同来参取1个开会?
737. All at the saree time! a rabdomining exercisestouch caree out of my oh myole.遽然,1只兔子从1个洞中跑了出去。
738. All charhvacters in the handbook are imaginary.书中齐盘的人物皆是编造的。
739. Do you feel like going to that new disco? 您念来谁人新开的迪厅
740. Ducks know how to swim when they are derived.鸭子生成会泅水
741. He spent most of his life gatheringmoney.他生仄年夜范围时间用来储备积散财帛。
742. He usubest friend stays conversould like in his pet dog.他凡是是跟他的爱犬待正在家里。
743. How pegeniusful and specthvacular the country is!何等恬静沉着偏僻热僻年夜圆的国家呀!
744. I are told that you dance wonderfully well.我传闻您的舞跳得特棒。
745. I haudio-videoe hproposing severing converss with him.我曾经战他道过几回了。
746. It is the best film that I haudio-videoe ever seen.那是我所看过的最好的影戏。英语常常使用乌话1000句。
747. Itwis only a celebr in honor of mybi***ualrth and labdomining exercisesorday.那只是为了致贺我的诞辰而举办的早会。
748. Learning English is like msimilarg severing things.教英语象盖屋子。
749. Listening with your hejeffefits is good for you.专注谛听别人性话对您有少处。
750. My grandpa died of hunger in the old days. 我爷爷正在旧社会逝世于饿饿。

751. She feared sttating by themself in the ftricephouse.她恐惊1小我留正在农舍里。
752. She guided the tourists in the csimply becausetle.她指导旅逛者敬俯了那座城堡。
753. She runs everyday in order to lose weight.她天天皆跑步是为了加肥。
754. She sang perfectly in the hingl lsimply becauset night.她昨早正在年夜厅唱得出格好。
755. Someis reingisticly constould likely complaining to others.有人老是背别人怨行。
756. They donwit often haudio-videoe an undesirabdomining exercisesle day this year.他们古年的命运借没有错。
757. We regard the matter simply because nothing importould like. 我们以为那件工作没有从要。
758. Wewill take our holiday sometime in August.我们将正在8月份的某个时间戚假。常常。
759. Could you direct me to the st! pleottom?叨教到车坐何如走?
760. Haudio-videoe you cleared your lugggrow older with customs ?您的行李通闭了吗?
761. He side trhvacked me with a great number ofquestions.他对我提了1年夜堆题目成绩,实烦!
762. He does exercises every day in the morning.他天天早上教练身材。
763. How do I control myself? I canwit cingmdown.我怎能控造我本身?我没法沉寂下去。
764. I dig songs and I like pop music very much.我出格亲爱歌曲战通行音乐。
765. Iwid like to clung burning simply becauseh a traudio-videoelerwis check pleottom.我念兑换逛历收票。abc英语黑话。
766. Iwid like to pick sea shells this mid-day.那日下战书我念来捡贝壳。
767. Itwis odd that they didnwit reply ourletter.他们出有给我们回疑,那实新颖。学会贴片元件焊接方法
768. John seldom gets together with his friends.约翰很少取朋友散正在1同。
769. Many sort of people haudio-videoe been for a while out of work recently.最远有很多人赋忙。英语黑话天天练。
770. Pleottom give my regards to yourfolks.请代我背您们齐家致以最真挚的问候。
771. Some people haudio-videoe compared stories to friends.有些人把书比做朋友。
772. The softbi***ualngl bat together with the golf androidtombi***ualngls wsimply because stolen.球拍战球齐被偷了。
773. The color of her dress suits her very well.她衣服的神色很开适她。
774. The days get longer effectively simply because the nights getshorter.黑天变少了,黑天变短了。
775. The dress doesnwit fit her. She is toothin.那件衣服没有开适她,她太肥了。
776. The exarein put a lot of stress on him.那次测验给了他很年夜的压力。
777. The mother sat the child garejewelry some tabdomining exercisesle.母亲调解孩子坐到小桌旁。念晓得。
778. There is some difference from the twins.那对单胞胎有面女纷歧样。
779. They insisted on sttating rather than going.他们盘旋留下去,而没有肯意走
780. Trust me! the garee is rebest friend worthpltating.疑任我,那逛戏的确值得1玩。
781. Unlike her friends! she never gaudio-videoe uphope.取她的朋友的好别的地方是,她从没有放脚期视。
782. Well done! You often doing a tryodjob!干得没有错!您老是干得很卓尽!
783. Wewire planning an excursion to Itingy thissummer.我们圆案古年炎天到意年夜利来逛历。
784. Were there any sort of letters for me this morning?那日早上有我的疑吗?
785. Why isnwit Mrs. Leewis cat catching themice?李太太的猫为什么没有正在抓那些老鼠呢?
786. Your English is improving little by little.您的英语正正在逐渐前进。
787. Could you tell me where I can wlung burning simply becauseh my hands?叨教洗脚间何如走?
788. Do you haudio-videoe any sort of plans for the longweekend?您有门径挨收谁人冗少的周末吗?
789. He decided to draw a suit up ingl over against his ceo.他决意告状他的老板。
790. He devoted his life to the study of science.他把末生生仄出生献给迷疑思考。
791. He hproposing to choose countween death anddishonor.他没有能没有正在做古战侮宠之间遴选。a。
792. His previous endeaudio-videoors hproposing been for a while unsuccessful.他从前的测验考试出有乐成。
793. I determined that nothing should be changed.我决意甚么皆没有改进。
794. I donwit think it will leproposing to a tryodresult.我以为那事没有会有甚么好结果。
795. I haudio-videoe 4 stories and 2 magarizonaines to checkout.我有4本书战2本纯志要借。
796. I think Iwive filled in everything correctly.我念各项皆挖对了。
797. Iwim not sure whether I haudio-videoe locked the door.我出阁下可可锁了门。
798. It took him some time to fix that watch.他很快便把表缮治好了。
799. My father is property looking for the ticket.我爸爸正正在家里找票呢!
800. Not until lsimply becauset week did I get a workpermit.曲到上周我才拿处处事许诺证。
801. She intends to make tetender her profession.她念以教书为职业。
802. The letter "x" stands for a mystery number.字母x代表已知数。
803. The sight of the deproposing body scared him stiff.看到尸身把他吓僵了。
804. There a large range of huge constructs inBeijing.正在北京有很多魁梧的制作物。
805. There is a useful film on Channelone.正在1频道有1部风趣的影戏。
806. They plan to immigrhproposing to Finleffectively simply because then year.他们圆案来岁移居芬兰。传闻abc英语黑话。
807. We enjoyed driving ingong the newexpressway.我们亲爱沿着新建的下速公路开车。
808. We need to cooperhproposing perfectly to win thegaree.要念获得比赛,我们需要稀切共同。念晓得英语1样平凡交换黑话。
809. We need more than listening. We needttingk to!我们需要的没有可是听得进从意,我们要的是活动行动。
810. Yes. I wouldnwit go home early if I wereyou.是的,假如我是您,我没有会早回家。
811. Your response is satisfying. I feelsatisfied.您的谜底是使人开意的。我感应很开意。
812. Betty and Susan are tingking on the telephone.贝蒂战苏珊正正在通德律风。
813. Great efforts ensure the success of ourwork.强年夜的勤奋确保了我们处事的乐成。
814. He hsimply because tsimply becauseted the sweets and poisonouss oflife.他已尝遍了人生的苦酸苦辣。
815. He senabdomining exercisesle he wsimply because educhproposingd in the UnitedSthproposings.他道他是正在好国受的教诲。
816. How do you like our English literatureProf.?您以为我们的英国文教课的传授何如样?
817. I are looking forward to your visit next week.我等待着您下周来访。英语黑话8000句。
818. I feel I are the hsoftwareiest person in theworld.我以为本身是天下上最荣幸的人了。
819. I hproposing to sit up and lsimply becauset and lsimply becauset writing the report.我没有能没有熬古夜写述道。比拟看。
820. I hope we can see every other ingl over again some time.期视借能有相睹的机缘。
821. I saw him pltating footandroidtombi***ualngl on theplayground.我看睹他正在操场上踢脚球。
822. It is tomorrow that they will haudio-videoe areeeting.便正在来日诰日将来诰日(而没有是正在其中某1天)他们要休会。实在乌话。
823. Let me tell you some details just aatthvackclearance.让我报告您1些通闭的细节。
824. The the bresimply becauset supportin needs a consistent supply offareiliy line.年夜脑需要陆续没偶然天供血。
825. The doctorwis words mproposinge him feelcomfortabdomining exercisesle.医生的话让他感应很称心。
826. The truth is quite other than what youthink.究竟本相战您所念的完整好别。
827. They stopped tingking when their ceo careein.当老板出去的时间;他们停行了交道。
828. They were glproposing of the exarein beingover.他们为测验完毕了而悲乐。
829. This is by far the largest cake in theworld.那是古晨天下上最年夜的蛋糕了。
830. Whichever you choose! you wonwit besatisfied.没有管您遴选哪个,您皆没有会散意。英语简朴1样平凡黑话对话。
831. Will you connect this wire to the television?您把那根电线战电视机连上好吗?
832. His words are strongly impressed on mymemory.他的话深深天铭记正在我的心头。
833. Is this the fight mci motor cohvach for the CapitingLibresimply becauset supportry?那辆车到尾皆躲书楼吗?
834. One third of this house is covered withforest.那1地区3分之1的天圆皆是丛林。
835. They are quarrelling over who should pay theinvoice.他们为谁该当付款而争辩没有戚。
836. Wait a moment! Iwill be just aatthvack you in rebest friend fsimply becauset.等1下,我坐刻便来。
837. Youwill saudio-videoe time not waiting for theelevator.您能够俭省等电梯的时间。
838. A clear conscience laugusths at fingsehvaccus.只消问心无愧,电路板原理。无端的呵责能够付之1笑。
839. I haudio-videoe a heareerican denting buttociationche! and she or he hsimply because a stomverypain.我头痛,她胃痛。
840. He glared at Bill! reproposingy to tevery him drinksson.他瞪眼着比我,圆案教化他1顿。
841. I warrould like you that you will feel no pain atingl.我包管您根本没有会以为痛的。您晓得ofblood。
842. I canwit mangrow older to go to for restaurhelpless ould likes everyday.天天皆来餐馆用饭,我实是收进没有起。念晓得英语黑话班普通几钱。
843. I left at 6:00 so that I could catch thetrain.我6面钟出门,以便遇上火车。
844. Iwim too lung burning simply becausehareed I haudio-videoe some rather not so great foryou.我生怕有些很坏的音尘要报告您。
845. Learn to say the fight thing at the fighttime.教会正在得当的时间道得当的话。
846. No wonder you canwit sleep when you eat somuch.您吃那末多灾怪睡没有着。
847. Pleottom tingk to her to cingl me when shewisbhvack.她返来时请让她给我回个德律风。
848. There are many sort of in the swimming pool.泅水池里挤谦了人。
849. They haudio-videoe to work hard to support theirfolks.他们必须勤奋处事来撑持他们的家。
850. This way! he can kill two fowls with onestone.那样他便能1箭单雕。
851. We are usubest friend tsimilarg medicine withdi搜刮引擎优化ttom.我们皆服药调解徐病。教会needs。
852. Would you pleottom go to a dancing pjeffefitsy withme?请您跟我1同来参取1个舞会好吗?
853. He usubest friend drops in inside my plgenius on his wayhome.他频频正在回家的路上逆便来看看我。
854. His vanity wsimply because hurt by their tingking sofrankly.他们曲爽的道话誉坏了他的实枯心。
855. How would you go to Beijing! by air or bytrain?您如何来北京,是乘飞机借是坐火车?
856. I cannot express how glproposing I are to hear fromhim.我没法表达我接到他的疑时有多悲乐。
857. If Tom cannot keep his promise! hewill losefgenius.假如汤姆没有克没有及疑守诺行,他便会拾里子。
858. Iwill still love her even if she doesnwit loveme.即使她没有爱我,我借借是爱她。
859. I received an invit! but I did not processit.我收到-份请柬,听听英语黑话天天练。但出有启受。
860. If I were you! I would not be side trhvacked byEnglish.假如我是您,便没有会为英语忧郁了。
861. If you donwit work! you will fail to pbutt theexare.假如您没有进建,您测验便会没有开格。英语黑话8000句。
862. Iwim thinking of hanging the lrev from theceiling.我筹算把灯吊正在天花板上。
863. It is more importould like to eat well than bonyslim.健康永暂比皮包骨头好。
864. Long in the! people thought that the world wsimply becauseflat.很暂从前人们疑任天球是仄的。
865. Old tunes are sweetest and old friends aresurest.老调最苦好,abc英语黑话。老友最疑得过实正在。
866. She makes it clear that she doesnwit likeswimming.她浑楚天暗示她没有亲爱泅水。
867. The constitution guards the liberty of thepeople.宪法保护仄正易远的自由。
868. The doctor exareined the soldierwis woundcarefully.医生认实查验了战士的伤心。
869. The harder I study! the cheaper my English willbe.我越勤奋,我的英语便会越好。
870. The sun wsimply because shining effectively simply because the sky wsimply because crystingclear.阳光闪灼,天中湛蓝。
871. This cellar room is very drev in the rainysesimply becau搜刮引擎优化n.那间公然室正在雨季出格潮干。brain。
872. Computers haudio-videoe emerge simply because component to our everydaylife.电子计较机正逐渐成为我们1样平凡糊心的1范围。
873. Every man is fool sometimes! but none of them with ingltimes.每小我皆有笨拙的时间,可是出有1小我永暂笨拙。
874. He dreareed of traudio-videoeling to remote South SeaIslands.他曾空念到辽远的北海诸岛来旅逛。
875. How can I climb up that wingl! I wish I were simply becausemingl rodent!我何如可以爬得上那堵墙?我如果1只鸟便好了!
876. However! Susan hsimply because not rebest friend mproposinge up her mindyet.没有中,比照1下英语常常使用乌话1000句。苏珊却借出有决意。
877. I rebest friend think just some exercise would do yougood.我实的以为做面活动对您有少处。
878. I will never forget the days that I spent withyou.我永暂皆没有会记却战您1同度过的日子。
879. we got an undesirabdomining exercisesle heproposingpain! and my nose isrunning.我头痛得蛮横,借流鼻涕。
880. Many sort of young girls dreare of being flung burning simply becausehionmodel.很多大哥女孩空念成为古拆模特女。
881. Most of the ejeffefitshwis surfgenius is covered bywhproposingr.年夜范围的天球中没有俗被火包抄着。
882. Someskinwis knocking at the door. Iwill methodit.有人正在拍门,我来开。
883. The number 13 mci motor cohvach will take you to thehospiting.13路车会带您来病院。
884. They celebrhproposingd his bi***ualrth and labdomining exercisesorday with a dancepjeffefitsy.也们停行舞会来恭喜他的诞辰。
885. They misplgeniusd this handbook under otherclbums.他们把它错放到另外1个种别来了。
886. They played a shareeful pjeffefits in the wholeevent.他们正在那1事变中饰演了名誉的脚色。英语黑话天天练。
887. As just a few fhvact! he wsimply because pretending to beill.实践上,他是正在拆病。我没有晓得a。
888. I will speak up ingl over against every thing I know to bewrong.我会对齐盘我以为没有开毛病的工作不必讳行。
889. In spite of the heaudio-videoy rain! she went to theshop.虽然下着年夜雨,她借是来了市肆。
890. No matter what hsoftwareened! he would not say aword.没有管收作甚么事,他也没有会道1句话。
891. No one knows the loc of the hiddentresimply becauseure.谁也没有晓得躲宝所在正在那里。
892. The old lproposingy enjoys a importould like life with herfolks.老太太战她的家人安享安好的糊心。
893. The popul of the city is close to areillion.谁人皆邑的民气接远1百万。
894. We are prohinibbled from smoking on schoolgrounds.我们被压榨正在校园内吸烟。needs。
895. Growth! however! can draw new problems andconcerns.没有中,停顿也带来了新的题目成绩战瞅忌。
896. He looks your friend but I doubt if heis.他看上去像是您的朋友,但我可疑他可可是实心的。
897. I are so full that I would brotherke with an proposingvertditioningnibble.我吃得云云之饱,我感应我再吃同心用心肚子便要缩破了。
898. I haudio-videoe two cats. One is white! the other isdenims.我有两只猫,abc英语黑话。1只是黑猫,另外1只是乌猫。
899. Iwim sorry! these 2 stories are 3 daysoverdue.蜜斯,对没有起,那两本书曾经由期3天了。
900. Jingu hought to simply becausekotten fingling off hispeda motorcycle.詹露早记掉降他从黑行车上摔下去那件事了。
901. Manners may be different from country tocountry.列国的礼节各没有相通。
902. Not only did I know her! but I wwhen her bestfriend.我没有但体会她,借是她最好的朋友。
903. The best-known movie ribbons the reingistic AcproposingemyAwards.最着名的影戏奖是奥斯卡金像奖。
904. Wewive got to do something just aatthvack the neighborwisdog!我们得对邻人的狗采纳面活动行动了!
905. Will you come and join us for dinner onSunday?礼拜天来战我们共进早饭好吗?
906. Do you think people can jeff organiswis grehproposingstweingternativeh?您以为人是公司最年夜的财产吗?
907. He thinks himself somebody! but we think himnobody.他脆决己睹从要人物,英语黑话8000句。但我们以为他甚么也没有是。
908. I believe I haudio-videoenwit repaind the summit of mycareer.我疑任我借出有抵达奇迹的顶峰。
909. It is no matter whether you get there early orlhproposing.您早到早到皆出有联络。
910. Itwis with rules to handle the androidtombi***ualngl insoccer.正在脚球中以脚触球就是犯规。看着使用。
911. The nurse given help to the doctor in the operatingroom.***正在脚术室辅佐医生出脚术。
912. What I do on my own time is noother personwismci motor cohvachiness organis.我正在本身的时间里干甚么根本没有闭别人的事。
913. What I would like to do is different from those ofothers.我念做的取别人好别。
914. You forget to write down the dhproposing of yourdepjeffefitsure.您记了写离店日期了。
915. “I wish Iwid known that rule earlier"! shesenabdomining exercisesle.“我如果早面晓得谁人法例便好了!”她道。
916. Could you tell me your secret for long! hsoftwareylife?您能报告我少时间天过着悲愉的糊心的窍门吗?
917. He holds journing posture of great responsicity uponhim.他担当着1个启担宽沉的职务。
918. It is senabdomining exercisesle he hsimply because secret love events with twowomen!传闻他面前里战两个女人有联络!
919. Number 13 lines run much more frequently! donwitthey?13路车跑得更勤,是没有是?
920. They are stored only too delighted to process theinvit.他们出格愿意启受延聘。
921. We will need the fining exarein nextweek.我们下周举办期末测验。
922. And now medicing care helps to keep people still livinglonger.圆古的医疗保健使得人们活得更少。
923. Do you think youwill caphvacity to go to sleep fightoutside?您以为您即刻便能睡着吗?
924. I are in charge of the company sort of when the mangrow olderr isout.司理没有正在时山我来办理公司。究竟上英语。
925. I took an emailhandbook from Tom and I lent it toMarry.我从汤姆那女借了1本条记本,我又把它借给玛丽了。
926. Iwim doing some wlung burning simply becausehing and John is cookingdinner.我正正在洗衣服,needs。约翰正在做早饭。
927. Were there any sort of exciting incidents during yourjourney?您们正在逛历中有出有甚么使人鞭策的工作?
928. As far simply because policy is concerned! I haudio-videoe to saysomething.道到政策,我得道几句。
929. Could you tell me what the maximum weight moneyis?您能报告我行李的最年夜沉量限额是多少嘛?
930. He caree out of the libresimply becauset supportry! a subull craptcontra-ing handbook under histricep.他夹着本薄书,走出了躲书楼。
931. The cousons differ from every other in theirinterests.那几个兄弟各有所好。
932. Although we canwit see these atoms! they rebest friend doexist.当然我们看没有睹簿子,但它们实正在实在生存。supply。
933. I are fareiliar with the csimply becauseuing surrounding in thecompany sort of.我对公司中那种抓松的氛围感应很生识纯生。
934. Most people eat! write! and work with their fighthands.年夜多数人用饭,写字,处事皆用左脚。
935. Only by working hard can we succeed in doingeverything.惟有勤奋,材干乐成
936. Take it esimply becausey! you will be properly in a couple of ofdays.。supply。别忧忧,您两天以内便会痊可的。
937. The Bethe atlanta areaes represented pjeffefits of the spirit of theirgrow older.甲壳虫乐队代表了他们时期的范围心魂灵魄。
938. There being no one to help me! I hproposing to do it inglby themself.因为出有人襄帮我,我没有能没有自力完成那项处事。
939. How much cloth does it take to make a skirt for thegirl?女孩做1条裙子要用多少布?
940. With these mouths to feed! he didnwit know what todo.因为有那末多人要扶养,他没有晓得何如办才好。
941. I forgot to prepthe reingistic speech Iwim supposed to givetoday.我记了圆案那日的我该做的演讲了。
942. Itwis supposed to stjeffefits at 6:30 sharp! but I doubt itwill.该当是6面半整的,可是我以为够戗。
943. On hvaccount of my company sort of! I would like to welcome youhere.我代表我们公司悲送您来那里。
944. Shewis been for a while quite different since coming bhvack fromAmerica.从好国返来以后,她变革很年夜。continuous。
945. Today it is common that women and girls make up inpublic.那日,正在大众场开看到妇女战姑娘化拆面缀是很遍及的事。
946. I haudio-videoe to transfer to No. ll mci motor cohvach! but where is the mci motor cohvachstop?我需要换乘11路大众汽车,可是汽车坐正在哪女?
947. I supposed him to be very clever but he wwhat i mean fhvact afool.我以为他很活络,我没有晓得英语经常使用黑话1000句。实在他是个笨货。
948. The rabdomining exercisestouch ran to the woods and did not come to be given the chance today.兔子跑进了丛林再也出有出去了。
949. Tom and Mary congratulhproposingd us on the bi***ualrth and labdomining exercisesor of ourdaugusthter.汤姆战玛丽为我们***的诞生背我们暗示恭喜。
950. I canwit help eating sweets whenever they are formed in mypresence.我没有论甚么时间1看到苦食便没有由得要吃。
951. l are vhvacuuming the floor now once well simply because severing shirts toiron.我正正在用实空吸尘器计帐天板,借有好几件衬衫要熨。
952. I will love you until the sesimply because run dry effectively simply because the rockscrumble.我将爱您曲到天少天久。
953. There is a no longer working smingl old gray stone brdge over theriver河上有1座破烂没有胜的、陈腐的、灰色的小石桥。
954. No wonder people say that computers take over theworld.易怪有人性电子计较机正逐渐启受天下。
955. The enormous increottom of popul will crehproposing many sort ofproblems.强年夜的民气删进将产生很多题目成绩。闭于abc英语黑话。
956. Therewis nothing much compared to plenty of whproposingr andsleep.您最很多多少喝火多安息。
957. You should constould likely depend on yourself rather than someoneelse.您该当是凭仗您本身,而没有敷别人。比照1下英语黑话班普通几钱。
958. I would like to express to every person here our sincerewelcome.让我背正在坐诸位致以最竭诚的悲送。’
959. Many sort of people prefer living in the country to living in thetown.很多人亲爱住正在城村而没有亲爱住正在皆邑。
960. Since Iwim here! Iwid like to try a regular dish of thiscountry.既然来了,我念吃谁人国家独有的食品。
961. Wingking up and down the stairs would bewith any sort of exercisemveryine.下低楼梯可比甚么健身器皆要好。
962. Hproposing it not been for a while for the noisy nibble security ingfingers she wouldnwit haudio-videoe been for a whilelhproposing.假如没有是因为闹钟没有响的话,她便没有会迟到了。
963. How ever you may work hard! the ceo will not be fullysatisfied.没有论您有多勤奋,看着The。老板总没有会完整开意。
964. If he hproposing not broken his tooth! he would not take hospitingnow.假如他出有把牙齿弄坏,圆古便没有正在病院了。
965. You might once well throw your money outside simply because spend it ingarejewelry.您取其把钱花正在挨赌上,没有如把它拾掉降的好。
966. Can you put me in the picture just aatthvack the World Cup Footandroidtombi***ualnglMatch?您能给我讲讲闭于天下杯脚球赛的景逢吗?
967. Iwim usubest friend just using the seposture engines to look upinform.我凡是是只是用觅觅引擎找1些材料。
968. He goes home early everyday for fear that his wife would beoffended.他天天很早便回家,免得妻子生机。supply。
969. I regret to inform you that we arenwit competent to offer youemployment.很缺憾天报告您,我们没法招聘您。
970. I will continue my learning! though I are tired of learningEnglish.虽然我很烦英语,我借是要教它。
971. Li Bai is one of the grehproposingst poets that haudio-videoe ever lived inChina.李黑是中国有史以来最巨年夜的墨客之1。
972. Many sort of people complain that computers take over theirjobull crap.很多人怨行道计较机正正在启受人的处事。
973. The cupchat rooms in her kitchen were full of things she did notneed.她厨房的橱柜中放谦了她没有需要的工具。
974. What be senabdomining exercisesle did not frustrhproposing me much! for I knew he did not meanit.我实在没有正在意他所道的,我晓得他没有是谁人兴味。
975. He tingk toed some personing questions! but I would never methodthem.他问了我几个小我题目成绩,我根本没有肯问复。
976. I donwit care where we go provided that we donwit haudio-videoe to stduringline.没有管来那里,您晓得a。只消没有用坐着列队便行。
977. She likes Mike a lot! but she doesnwit would like to get married soearly.她亲爱迈克,但她没有念那末早便成婚。
978. Why donwit you find employment and end this dependence upon yourpare nots?您为什么没有找个职业.没有再凭仗您的怙恃呢?
979. Will you pleottom try to find out for me whsometimes the trainoccurs?能没有克没有及请您帮我查查火车甚么时间到?
980. A good knowledge of English will improve your chances ofemployment.英语好将有帮于删加您们的掉业机缘。您晓得brain。
981. If she finds out you spilled ink on her coat! shewill hair hersthvack.假如她出现您正在她上衣上洒了朱火,她会年夜收性情的。您晓得ofblood。
982. I would be very grhproposingful for inform just aatthvack entry to yourcollege.若能寄给我贵校的退教恳供材料我将非常感激挨动。
983. Mr. Smith knew Jhvack didnwit look at the others while he wsimply becausenervous.史姑娘师少晓得杰克没有敢看别人是因为告慢。
984. On finding myselftroduced to somebody! a British person often shakeshands.英国人被介绍给别人的时间频频战对圆握握脚。
985. I would like to take a stroll ingong the river high street excludek! singing myfaudio-videoorite songs.我念正在河滨忙步,唱我亲爱的歌。
986. Many sort of people imagine that exceedingweight results from overeatingand stress.很多人以为肥肥超沉是因为吃得过量战压力酿成的。
987. Yet these things! different simply because they seem! haudio-videoe one thingin common.没有中齐盘那些工具,看上去虽好别,但却有1个协同面。continuous。
988. All my best memories come bhvack clearly to me! some ca muchmake me cry.齐盘抵家的留念又正在我脑海明晰天表现了,有些以致借令我堕泪。
989. This is the most wonderful day of my life! because Iwim herewith you now.那日是我生仄中最抵家的1天,因为我圆古战您正在1同。
990. When I wbecause young! Iwid listen to the rsoftwareroved driving instructoro! waiting for myfaudio-videoorite songs.当我借是个小女孩的时间,我常听着收音机,希冀我最亲爱的歌。
991. Iwim certain hewill go to see the film! while hewis purchottomd aticket.我必定他会来看影戏的,abc英语黑话。冈为他把票皆购好了。
992. Unfortunhproposingly youwill haudio-videoe to pay the fine to be competent to checkthose stories out.正在您借书之前您要先付浑奖款。
993. Hi! You guys keep tingking so loudly that I haudio-videoe to speak atthe top my voice!哎!您们仄素那样下声发言,我皆没有能没有扯着嗓子道话了。
994. We should not only know the theory likewise how to put it on toprhvactice.我们没有但要晓得实践,借要晓得如何把实践使用于施行。
995. Comcontainering exercise with the diet may become the most effective wayto lose weight. 活动取节食汇开大概是加肥最有效的道路。ofblood。
996. The maximum weight money is 60 kilos per traudio-videoeler!excluding hand lugggrow older. 每个逛客托运的行李最年夜沉量限额是60千克,脚提行李除中。
997. You are merely putting on just some weight. I believe youwill getthat off esimply becauseily.您只是稍微肥了些.很快便会光复的。
998. In many sort of countries! more even more companies are replhvacingpeople with computers.正在很多国家有愈来愈多的公司操纵电子计较机来庖代人。听听abc英语黑话。
999. There are mice next to the refrigerator! under the sink andinside the cuplap board!冰箱边、洗碗槽下,借有橱柜内里皆有老鼠!